Connolly Ranch Stewards Camp

About Connolly Ranch Stewards
Ages 9-13
8:30 am-3:30 pm
Connolly Ranch Stewards will get a behind-the-scenes perspective of Connolly Ranch and its natural history. Participants will have the opportunity to work on conservation projects, build natural shelters, learn advanced farm chores, explore rarely used areas, hike in the hills and delve into techniques, tactics and concepts that this older group is ready to explore. But it’s not all work! Our naturalists and teachers will guide these Eco-Warriors in games and exercises that offer lots of fun while imparting important lessons about saving the planet.


Connolly Ranch Stewards Sessions:

June 8-12: Naturalists in Training
Budding naturalists will explore various habitats, learn to identify wild plants and herbs, track wildlife and more. This week we will set a foundation for understanding our connection to the land and the role we play in sustainability and stewardship.

June 22-26: Conservation and Restoration
Together, we will get our hands dirty maintaining the ranch’s trails, removing invasive species, planting natives, covering eroding soil with mulch, and other methods to support the long term health of our gardens, woods and forests.

July 6-10: Ranch Hands
Ranching is one of America’s most enduring traditions, with many skills needed. Our Ranch Hands will practice advanced gardening and cooking, animal husbandry, wood working and the sweet rewards of working in the apiary.

July 27-31: Native American Heritage
The Native Americans who inhabited the Napa Valley are called the Wappo Indians. Campers this week will delve into shelter building, acorn processing and Wappo games to learn how this culture lived right here on the Connolly Ranch property.

August 10-14: Wilderness Survival with Overnight Campout
Practicing “leave no trace” principles, campers will enjoy learning basic survival skills, foraging for food and how to cook dinner on an open fire. This camp will culminate with an overnight campout including night hike, star gazing, and storytelling by the fire.


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