Fund-a-Need at Connolly Ranch

Thank you for helping us refill and reinforce the Sandpits at Connolly Ranch!

We reached our goal on June 8, 2016 and sand will be delivered on June 10, 2016.

Playing in the sand pits in the grove is a favorite activity at Connolly Ranch…and why not? Feeling the sand between little toes is an important sensory experience during early childhood, watching water create rivers encourages scientific curiosity, and making mud pies and dirt soup is more than just fun when fully engaging a child’s imagination. Each year, we lose most of our sand due to weather conditions and poorly enforced boundaries, and this year we are hoping to get more sand and reinforce the boarder.

We are currently deciding which sand we should purchase. If you’re kids love our sand pits let us know what kind of sand you think we should get by following this link:

Here at Connolly Ranch we are thrilled to be connecting more guests to nature by opening for free each month, expanding field trips, adding new events and doubling visitors at our Harvest Festival. We want to upgrade our facility to offer an even better experience for our visitors, which means investing in materials that last longer and enhance educational areas.

For $1,200, we can create new boarders for our sandpits and fill them with new quality sand for kids (and adults) to play with at Connolly Ranch. And if we raise more, we can purchase new tools and storage for these treasured areas.

If you would like to donate to this project use the link below. No donation is too small and volunteer support is welcome!

Thank you for supporting this campaign:
Allison Woofter
Jeanne Thacher
Seana Wagner
Maureen Brown
Deborah Wasserman
Emily Eckerman
Maureen Theunissen
Christine & Gia Lintz
Rachael Hobernicht
Joe & Diana Wilcox
Jolene Yee & John Wicks
Nicholas Billings
Laurie Higuera
Jennifer Putnam
Kari Worth
Emma Fotherby
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