Board Members

Connolly Ranch Education Center relies on the wisdom and support of it’s Board of Directors to ensure it can sustainably support it’s mission now and in the future. There are many ways board members contribute their time, skills or resources to help the organization thrive. We currently have openings on our board of directors. If you are interested, please contact Jennifer Fotherby at jennifer at

Mission: Connolly Ranch’s mission is to connect children and adults to nature through farm-based education.


  • Napa Valley’s heritage of farming and ranching is preserved and appreciated
  • Children and adults understand and appreciate the connection between food and nature
  • Kids and their families eat healthier, and are healthier
  • Connolly Ranch provides high-quality environmental and agricultural education to all ages
  • Connolly Ranch as a community asset is preserved, sustained and utilized

Per Casey, Chairman of the Board
Sarah Mitchell Hansen, Vice Chair
Michele Truchard, Treasurer
Holly Finkelstein
Gene Kelly
Sarah Pursell

Barbara Balik
Andy Beckstoffer
Eileen Chiarello
Harold Kelly
Barbara Nemko
Denise Renteria
Arthur Roosa
Leona Rice
Dorothy Salmon
Gladys Thacher



C R Board of Directors Application

General Requirements

Strategic Plan summary