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“Teaching children about the natural world
should be seen as one of the most important events in their lives.”

– Thomas Berry, The Dream of the Earth

We all benefit when children develop a strong connection with nature, especially in their own community. Climbing trees, collecting warm eggs, jumping in muddy puddles and helping care for our 86 animals are just some of the immersive lessons that 10,000 children and adults experience each year at Connolly Ranch Education Center.

Will you help us continue to share these lessons at Connolly Ranch?

Each year we provide $210,000 in scholarships, free programs and low-cost field trips, but as grant priorities have changed in recent years we are faced with hard decisions on how to sustain free and low-cost community programs.




Per Casey, Chairman of the Board
Sarah Mitchell Hansen, Vice Chair
Michele Truchard, Treasurer
Holly Finkelstein
Gene Kelly
Sarah Pursell

Barbara Balik
Andy Beckstoffer
Eileen Chiarello
Harold Kelly
Barbara Nemko
Denise Renteria
Arthur Roosa
Leona Rice
Dorothy Salmon
Gladys Thacher

Please contact Jennifer Fotherby at or 707-224-1894, if you are interested in joining our Board of Directors, Advisory Board or a one of our committees.

Every donation matters

$25 –   Gives a scholarship to a family for a Saturday “Parent and Child” program
$50 –   Provides a one day camp for a child in need
$100 – Pays for teaching supplies for a farm-to-table field trip for 60 kids
$250 – Allows us to open for free on Walk-in Wednesday
$500 – Gives an interactive, hands-on educational field trip for 30 kids from low income families
$1,500 –  Feeds all our friendly farm animals for an entire month
$2,500 – Covers the daily costs of maintaining an educational farm
$5,000 – Completes the construction of a new outdoor classroom!