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Connolly Ranch Animals:

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Goats: Bella, Freya, Lightning, Clementine and new baby girl above*

Pigs: Leona & Kiwi

Chickens: Dotty, Snow Flake, Rose…any many more

Miniture Horse: Suspect (with Leona)

Geese & Ducks:

Sheep: Dapne

Donkeys: Meme & Jojo



When you think of Connolly Ranch, do daydreams of chickens and pigs run through your head?
Then you are a perfect candidate to become an Official Animal Sponsor!

Connolly Ranch is home to 86 friendly furry (or feathery!) friends, and each of them contributes to our mission by deepening our visitors’ experience of connecting with nature.

But you may be surprised to learn that the cost of animal care is not covered by income from our programs – we depend on the generous support of our donors to keep them healthy and happy.

As an Animal Sponsor, you are helping Connolly Ranch provide for all the needs of the animal you choose to support, including:

  • A healthy, balanced diet
  • A comfortable home
  • Veterinary care

Animal Sponsorship is valid for one year; when the year is up, you will have the opportunity to renew your sponsorship to keep supporting your favorite animals!

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$50 Level

  • You’ll receive a Connolly Ranch Official Animal Sponsorship Certificate
  • Your name or one you choose will be listed as an animal sponsor

$100 Level

  • All the benefits of the $50-level
  • Plus, feed a treat to your sponsored animal during one of our Walk-in Wednesdays (free monthly open house)

$250 Level 

  • All the benefits of the $100-level
  • Connolly Ranch T-shirt
  • Opportunity to visit your animal monthly during now of our scheduled open days or programs when staff are available to assist
  • Have a picture taken with your sponsored animal by a professional photographer and receive a digital image

$500 Level

  • All the benefits of the $250-level
  • Plus, a private tour of the ranch for up to 10 people!
  • A Connolly Ranch t-shirt

How do I sign up?
To sponsor an animal, make a donation with the link below and send the confirmation email to with the animal you would like to sponsor and the name of the person you would like listed as the official sponsor.
Our animals: goats, horse, sheep, chickens, pigs, donkeys, cats, ducks, geese and rabbits.

become an Offical Animal Sponsor