Life on the Farm

About Life On The Farm Camps
Ages 5-8
8:30 am-3:00 pm
These full-day camps immerse children in the inner workings of the farm and offer a new farm focus each week. Time is spent caring for farm animals, tending to the organic gardens and tasting fresh, healthy food. There are also plenty of opportunities to play and explore, take a hike in Westwood Hills, create arts and crafts, build forts with friends or relax in the shade of the grove after some good hearty farm living!


Life on the Farm Sessions:

June 11-15: Barnyard Buddies
All campers visit the animals; but for the serious animal lovers, activities this week will center on the livestock in the barns and pastures, as well as activities with wool, feathers and more.

June 25-29: Nature Detectives
Does your child have a budding curiosity about how things work? Nature is science; and this week we will investigate compost, bugs, soil, scat and more to help them make sense of the natural world.

July 9-13: How Does Your Garden Grow?
Campers will learn how a garden functions from the ground up! With a focus on soil health, planting, compost and lifecycles, they’ll get to observe and participate in the scientific processes that make a garden thrive.

August 13-17: Home on the Range
Step back in time before today’s modern conveniences, when settlers and Native people lived off the land. Campers learn survival skills, foraging, making cheese or butter, traditional weaving arts and more.

August 27-31: Movers and Shakers
Before settling into school, come get moving at Connolly Ranch! Kids will love getting their bodies moving with farm obstacle courses, potato sack races, nature hikes, yoga stretches and fun chores like stacking hay.