Our Farm Animals


Meet Daphne and Uncle Fleece

What do you get when you cross the fun and whimsy of a snowball, with the warmth and coziness of a down comforter, and the innocence of a child? Well, you get a playful, snuggly, sweet lamb! 

Daphne, aka Daffy, came to Connolly Ranch on September 8, 2016 when she was about 6 weeks old. She came to us from a local family who was bottle raising her in an apartment. Knowing that wasn’t the best situation for a lamb, they contacted us to see if we could give her a good home.  After meeting little Daffy we welcomed her to the ranch and she joined our old friend Fleece.

Daffy spends her days with her adopted “uncle”, who like Daffy, was also a bottle baby, raised at the ranch many years ago. Aside from that, he is her opposite, in many ways. Benji is the color of a dirty snow ball. He is a neutered male. He is old, with one eye turning cloudy, but he has warmed to the little lamb, and can be seen at night laying side-by-side with her. You can see Daffy shadowing Fleexe when out in the larger herd and protecting her from the sometimes pushier goats. The ranch uses the sheep’s fleece in fiber-arts programs, teaching children about wool, carding, spinning, felting, weaving and more. These two loveable sheep currently comprise our sheep herd, and we couldn’t ask for more approachable, child-friendly animals than we have with Fleece and Daffy. Come by and pet them and love them and feel their soft wool.

More animal bios coming soon!


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