Wish List

Small Wishes:

– wheelbarrows (of any size) or garden carts
– garden tools (shears & pruning tools, pitchforks, trowels, shovels, hoes, fruit-tree picker, hand-saws, etc.)
– power tools: chainsaw, leaf-blower, weed-eater, skill-saw, electric hedge trimmer
– metal detector
– organic fertilizers, ammendments, potting soils
– 5 gallon plastic buckets
– milk crates
– shade umbrellas and stands
– sets of pavers or flagstone for walkways
– bricks
– picnic tables & benches
– old paintbrushes
-any size pet carriers or crates
– sturdy garden trellises, small wooden ladders or structures for vertical gardening
– plastic totes (like Rubbermaids) with lids
– watering cans, hose attachments or spray nozzles
– half-size wine barrels or large containers for plants
– kid-sized tables or chairs (outdoor or indoor)
– plastic tarps (any size) & moving blankets
– power drill & bits (electric or battery)
– hammock
– used golf cart of Gator 🙂

– chalk boards & pens, or dry-erase boards & markers
– hot glue guns
– electric pencil sharpener
– clip boards
– craft ribbons
– acrylic paints
– permanent markers, highlighters, pens, post-its, misc. office supplies
– card-stock or heavier weight paper (can have printing on one side – for example old restaurant menus)

– food dehydrator or pressure canner
– restaurant style “hotel pans” & “sheet pans”
– metal or glass cookware (muffin tins, cookie sheets, baking dishes, cake pans, loaf pans)
– plastic or metal serving spoons, spatulas, bowls, pans, measuring cups, measuring spoons
– microwave-safe containers, plates & bowls
– ceramic coffee mugs
– box graters, garlic press, rolling pins, mortar & pestle
– metal forks, spoons, butter knives
-XL hot coffee carafes/thermoses for events
– apple spiralizers
– electric citrus juicer
– cooking pots and lids

– rain gear (adult size)
– toddler clothes
– rain boots
– kids’ backpacks
– 3-10 yr old kid-sized pants (cotton or jeans), socks, underwear
– kids’ brimmed hats or caps
– vinyl tablecloths
– clothes pins
– beauty tweezers (for seed-starting)
– decorative fabrics & tapestries, tablecloths, picnic blankets

– card-stock paper (can have printing on one side – for example old restaurant menus)
– strawberry baskets
– egg cartons
– shredded paper (to feed our worms!)
– baby food jars and lids
– film canisters & lids
Please call the office (707) 501-8299 or email info@connollyranch.org if you have any items to donate! 


Big Wishes:

Farm to Table Outdoor Classroom – ALMOST FUNDED!

PHASE ONE: Pergolas for shade and outdoor classroom coverage – COMPLETED June 2017

Connolly Ranch currently covers the patio arbor each summer with a tent rented from a local party rental company— at significant annual expense. The tent provides shade in the summer months for summer camp programs and other activities but is too costly to keep in place during the winter months to protect the patio space from rain, thus limiting use of that space during the winter. A permanent structure would allow the patio to be used year-round, while at the same time eliminating a large annual expense.

Farm to Table Outdoor Prep Kitchen – Target date Spring 2018

Farm-to-table cooking is integral to Connolly Ranch’s programming. Currently, the ranch must rely on a makeshift kitchen featuring plug-in burners, hot plates and a portable stove for its farm-to-table classes and summer camps. An outdoor farm to table kitchen with new permanant equipment would allow these programs to expand, and would also support fundraisers, enhanced adult programming and other events at the ranch.

Estimated cost: $115,500
Currently Raised: $93,000

A BIG THANK YOU: A BIG THANK YOU to Peter and Christy Palmisano for granting Connolly Ranch $10,000 through the Napa Valley Community Foundation to cover the cost of materials for this project and to New York Community Trust for granting Connolly Ranch $65,000 for this project. With an additional $16,000 grant from a foundation that wishes to remain anonymous, we are almost there!

Duck Pond/Wetland Habitat Rehabilitation 

The existing duck pond offers Connolly Ranch the opportunity to create an educational experience to teach children and adults about plants and animals in a natural wetland habitat. Plans to create this include rehabilitating the pond to promote improved water quality and create habitats of varying depth to support wetland vegetation, fish and other species. After repairs and installation of a small, solar-powered recirculation pump, an existing well could be used to facilitate water movement. Other needed improvements include a weir structure in order to better manage water levels and vegetation within the pond, grading of the island and pond edges to gentle slopes that waterfowl can easily access and construction of a trail around the pond perimeter with interpretive signage to guide visitors through the different environments.

Estimated cost: $65,000 

Restoration of Peggy Connolly’s House

The original house Peggy Connolly and her family grew up in used to be a bed and breakfast in the 1800s. Today many historic features remain but are in need of repair and updating. The main entrance also use to house a community library for Napa. Finally, there are essence updating needs such as replacing the deck and the addition of a handicapped accessible ramp.
Estimated cost: $75,000

Organic Gardens

In a drought-prone state, it is important to find options to minimize water use. Connolly Ranch needs to upgrade its irrigation and drip lines to maintain the ranch and gardens in an efficient and economical way. In addition to using less water, drip or micro-irrigation helps maintain a desirable balance of air and water in the soil, supporting better plant growth, With this investment, the gardens would save water and money while providing more produce and setting an example for the children and adults who participate in programs at the ranch.
Estimated cost: $25,000


Connolly Ranch has a large, commercial-grade greenhouse on its property that at present is used for growing vegetables year-round and protecting crops from excess cold or heat and unwanted pests. The ranch would like to integrate greenhouse activities into its educational programs for youth and adults, but to do so needs to invest in developing a curriculum and instructional materials. Educational programs at the greenhouse could be used to introduce participants to concepts of water movement, pollination, and nutrition in an inviting space.

Estimated cost: $15,000


The City of Napa recently followed in the footsteps of Napa County and passed an ordinance allowing beekeeping inside the city limits. With bee populations on the decline due to environmental stress, the advent of local beekeeping presents a way to help boost dwindling bee populations as well as an educational opportunity. Connolly Ranch is developing a strong bee education program at beginning and advanced levels for youth and adults focused on helping them raise strong, healthy bees.

Estimated cost: $25,000

Leadership in Environmental Practices

With its focus on connecting people to nature, Connolly Ranch can and should be a leader in sustainable environmental practices. Besides demonstrating the ranch’s proper stewardship of the environment, installing appropriate technology will pay off in reduced operating expenses well into the future. Needed upgrades include:

Solar power: $20,000
Wind power: $10,000
Rainwater collection system: $10,000
High efficiency water system: $20,000
On-demand water heating: $8,000